Radiation Dosimetry: X Rays Generated at Potentials of 5 to 150 kV (Report 17)

ICRU Report No. 17 treats the dosimetry of x rays generated at potentials below 150 kV. ICRU Report 10b, Physical Aspects of Irradiation, deals with many aspects of the dosimetry of x and gamma rays with energies up to a few MeV, but makes little reference to the special problems which can arise in the measurement of x rays generated at potentials below 150 kV. more

Linear Energy Transfer (Report 16)

This Report deals with radiation quality. As dealt with in the report, quality refers to those features of the spatial distribution of energy transfers that influence the effectiveness of an irradiation in producing change, when other physical factors such as total energy dissipated, absorbed dose, absorbed dose rate and absorbed dose fractionation are kept constant. more

Cameras for Image Intensifier Fluorography (Report 15)

This Report sets out the Commission's recommendations relating to the cameras used in image intensified flurography. This report is one of a series in the field of radiological diagnosis, previous recommendations having dealt with conversion factors of image intensifiers, the characteristics of body-section radiography, the characteristics of grids and the measurement of focal spot size in diagnostic x-ray tubes (ICRU Report 10f, Methods of Evaluating Radiological Equipment and Materials).


Neutron Fluence, Neutron Spectra and Kerma (Report 13)

ICRU Report No. 13 deals with the description and measurement of neutron radiation fields. It brings up to date the information previously published on these topics and also includes recommendations for further work. more

Certification of Standardized Radioactive Sources (Report 12)

This Report presents the Commission's recommendations on the information that should be provided when a standardized radioactive source is issued. In ICRU Report 10c, issued in 1963, the Commission treated international comparisons of source standards and discussed the factors which affect the reliability of a source as a standard, i.e., radionuclidic purity, half life, decay scheme and chemical purity and stability. more

Physical Aspects of Irradiation (Report 10b)

ICRU Report No. 10b deals broadly with the physical aspects of irradiation. It includes an extensive discussion of the various techniques for the measurement of absorbed dose as well as exposure. Characteristics of radiation instrumentation are covered in some detail, including the more sophisticated work on standards.


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