Dosimetry Systems for Use in Radiation Processing (ICRU Report 80)

The present Report examines the dosimetry performed in the industrial applications of radiation processing.


Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Analysis in Medical Imaging (ICRU Report 79)

Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) analysis has become the standard statistical methodology for evaluating the diagnostic performance of imaging systems that require a human observer or a computer program to make a diagnostic decision. more

Prescribing, Recording, and Reporting Proton-Beam Therapy (ICRU Report 78)

Proton therapy is a rapidly expanding modality and the number of new facilities is rapidly increasing.  The advantage of proton beams relative to conventional photon beams for radiation therapy lies in their superior dose distributions.   The efficacy of proton therapy is well established for several tumor categories.  The present report provides information necessary to standardize techniques and procedures and to harmonize the clinical descriptions of proton treatments with those of other modalities. The concepts and recommendations in other ICRU reports concerning radiation therapy are extended to proton therapy. more

Elastic Scattering of Electrons and Positrons (ICRU Report 77)

The present Report treats cross-section data for elastic scattering of electrons and positrons traversing various materials. Those data are prerequisite for transport analyses through either Monte Carlo simulations or analytic transport theory.


Measurement Quality Assurance for Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry (ICRU Report 76)

The report is intended for individuals and organizations responsible for calibrations and measurements of ionizing radiation. It is also expected to be of interest to agencies responsible for regulating radiological activities. The information and guidance provided should be useful to personnel making radiation measurements as well as to the users of calibration services. The report discusses methods for establishing and maintaining a measurement quality assurance program. more

Sampling of Radionuclides in the Environment (ICRU Report 75)

This Report provides a conceptual guide for designing statistically based sampling approaches for the analysis of radionuclides in environmental media such as soil, sediment, water, plants, aquatic organisms and animals. Some causes and examples of the magnitude of the observed sampling variability are provided. General concepts and principles of statistical sampling are briefly described in a qualitative manner, including standard sampling designs with their random and systematic errors. This is followed by a presentation of equations and practical examples for estimating statistical quantities such as the means, proportions, or ratios of two quantities. Sampling to estimate spatial patterns, temporal trends, and spatio-temporal variations is briefly described. This report is also a resource to helpful and relevant statistics literature. It does not attempt to provide step-by-step guidelines for designing specific sampling protocols, nor does it provide details for the analysis of data resulting from sampling programs. For these tasks, advice, recommendations and recipes are found in the literature cited.


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