Prescribing, Recording and Reporting Photon Beam Therapy (Report 62)

ICRU Report 62 provides recommendations on the volumes and absorbed doses that are important in prescribing, recording and reporting photon beam therapy, utilizing the new and improved irradiation techniques that have become available since the publication of ICRU Report 50 in 1993.


Tissues Substitutes, Phantoms and Computation Modelling in Medical Ultrasound (Report 61)

This Report presents an expansion of previous ICRU work on phantoms and computational models (ICRU Report 48) into the area of medical ultrasound. Report 61 reviews the use of tissue substitutes, phantoms and computational body models representing human tissues in medical ultrasound.


Fundamental Quantities and Units for Ionizing Radiation (Report 60)

This Report is the latest in a long series of ICRU documents providing definitions for quantities and units employed in radiation science. The Report supercedes Part A of ICRU report 33 dealing with quantities and units for general use. Part B of Report 33, covering quantities and units for use in radiation protection, was replaced in 1993 by ICRU Report 51, Quantities and Units in Radiation Protection Dosimetry.


Clinical Proton Dosimetry - Part I: Beam Production, Beam Delivery and Measurement of Absorbed Dose

This Report is the first of a two-part set treating clinical proton dosimetry. The Report includes a description of the interaction of protons with matter, and treats various methods of beam production, the characteristics of proton beams in clinical use, methods for beam monitoring and specific recommendations for dose calibration. more

Dose and Volume Specification for Reporting Interstitial Therapy (Report 58)

This Report is the latest in a series of ICRU Reports treating matters of dose specification. The Commission previously issued ICRU Report 38, Dose and Volume Specification for Reporting Intracavitary Therapy in Gynecology and ICRU Report 50, Prescribing, Recording and Reporting Photon Beam Therapy.


Conversion Coefficients for use in Radiological Protection against External Radiation (Report 57)

ICRU Report 57 is the product of a long collaboration between the ICRU and the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). The report was prepared by a Joint Task Group of the two Commissions, underwent separate review by each Commission and has been published in the series of each Commission.


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