Dosimetry of External Beta Rays for Radiation Protection (Report 56)

This Report recognizes that the general aim of beta-ray dosimetry in radiation protection is to provide dosimetric information that will help in keeping any harmful effects of beta rays within acceptable limits and that, in the event of serious over-exposure, will assist medical treatment and prognosis.


Secondary Electron Spectra from Charged Particle Interactions (Report 55)

ICRU Report No. 55 provides a comprehensive guide to quantitative information about emission of secondary electrons in collisions of fast electrons, protons, alpha particles, and heavier ions with free atoms and molecules and with condensed matter. Explanations of the various mechanisms of ionization are given.


Medical Imaging - The Assessment of Image Quality (Report 54)

This Report proposes a framework, based on statistical decision theory, within which imaging system performance may be measured, optimized and compared. Imaging system assessment depends on the task for which the system is intended and can, therefore, be cast in terms of task performance, which can be measured in two stages.


Gamma-Ray Spectrometry in the Environment (Report 53)

ICRU Report No. 53 was prepared in recognition of the fact that methods for quickly assessing radionuclides in the environment have become increasingly important, particularly in connection with accidental releases from nuclear facilities. Gamma-ray spectrometry, based on the measurement of the spectral distribution of the photon fluence, is used for the determination of activity levels in the ground or in the air and of radionuclide-specific dose quantities.


Particle Counting in Radioactivity Measurements (Report 52)

This Report describes the principles involved in counting, or measuring, the flux of directly or indirectly ionizing particles, including photons, produced by radioactive samples. The emphasis is on particles and counting, i.e., on discrete random events and especially on fundamental aspects.


Quantities and Units in Radiation Protection Dosimetry (Report 51)

ICRU Report No. 51 supersedes part B of ICRU Report 33 entitled "Quantities and Units for Use in Radiation Protection". Since that report was published in 1980, much discussion has taken place on this subject. This led to the introduction of operational quantities for the specification of dose equivalents for area and individual monitoring for external radiations, as discussed in ICRU Reports 39 (1985), 43 (1988) and 47 (1992).


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