ICRU Report 89, Prescribing, Recording, and Reporting Brachytherapy for Cancer of the Cervix


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This ICRU/GEC-ESTRO report starts with the essential background, including a clinical introduction, historical and current techniques including the concepts of volumetric imaging for cervix cancer. One key element is the four-dimensional adaptive target concept at certain time points during treatment by clinical examination and imaging. For the rectum, bladder, sigmoid, adjacent bowel, and vagina in addition to contours including the entire organ the report emphasizes the presence of different morbidity endpoints and related substructures within the organ. The radiobiology chapter explains the limitations of the linearquadratic model, but encourages the use of the EQD2 concept as the current best option for treatment planning and overall dose reporting. A detailed concept is recommended to report dose and volume parameters related to contours and reference points. The report includes detailed chapters on treatment planning, especially for three-dimensional volumetric approach, but also the underlying concepts of dosimetry which remains essential for volumetric and radiography-based planning.

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