Determination of Absorbed Dose in a Patient Irradiated by Beams of X or Gamma Rays in Radiotherapy

This Report is the second of a series of reports intended to cover the steps pertaining to dosimetry in the radiotherapy clinic, from the determination of the output of the therapy machine to the assessment of the absorbed dose in the patient.

The first report of the series, ICRU Report 23, Measurement of Absorbed Dose in a Phantom Irradiated by a Single Beam of X or Gamma Rays,treats procedures relating to the determination of the absorbed dose at any point in a cuboid water phantom. ICRU Report 24 is concerned with the transition from the water phantom to the human patient. Subsequent reports will discuss the criteria which determine the "target volume" and the specification of the dose within that volume. The Report includes major sections on the basic data derived from water phantom measurements, patient data, combination of basic data and patient data, combinations of single beams, planning and delivery of radiation therapy, and errors in clinical dosimetry. The Report also contains an extensive glossary defining terms used in the Report.

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