Modulation Transfer Function of Screen- Film Systems (Report 41)

This Report reviews and describes various concepts used in the analysis of the physical aspects of radiographic image quality for the screen-film systems used in diagnostic radiology. more

The Quality Factor in Radiation Protection (Report 40)

This Report is the report of a joint task group of the ICRU and the International Commission on Radiological Protection to the two Commissions. It represents the culmination of an effort that the Commissions initiated when radiobiological findings indicated that protection recommendations for some high-LET radiations might not offer the same margin of safety as those for low-LET radiations. more

Determination of Dose Equivalents Resulting from External Radiation Sources (Report 39)

ICRU Report No. 39 is the first of what will be a series of ICRU documents treating methods for determining the dose equivalents resulting from exposure to sources external to the body. The Report states definitions of quantities to be employed in the monitoring of ionizing radiation that provide a basis for effective radiation protection.


Dose and Volume Specification for Reporting Intracavitary Therapy in Gynecology (Report 38)

This Report deals with the problem of dose and volume specification with prinicpal emphasis on gynecological applications. The concepts developed in the Report are, however, designed to be applicable to other types of intracavitary applications.


Stopping Powers for Electrons and Positions (Report 37)

ICRU Report No. 37 represents the first result of a series of Commission efforts concerned with stopping power. Subsequent efforts will treat particles and ions heavier than electrons. Being the first of the series, Report 37 reviews topics which are pertinent to the evaluation of stopping powers for any charged particle, such as shell corrections and the determination of mean excitation energies. more

Microdosimetry (Report 36)

This Report represents an exposition of the concepts which relate some of the principal features of the absorption of ionizing radiation in matter to the size and, perhaps, the nature of the structures being affected, particularly for absorbed doses routinely encountered in radiation protection activities. more

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