Quantities and Units in Radiation Protection Dosimetry (Report 51)

ICRU Report No. 51 supersedes part B of ICRU Report 33 entitled "Quantities and Units for Use in Radiation Protection". Since that report was published in 1980, much discussion has taken place on this subject. This led to the introduction of operational quantities for the specification of dose equivalents for area and individual monitoring for external radiations, as discussed in ICRU Reports 39 (1985), 43 (1988) and 47 (1992).


Prescribing, Recording, and Reporting Photon Beam Therapy (Report 50)

This Report seeks to promote the use of acommon language for specifying and reporting the doses in radiation therapy, as well as the volumes in which they are prescribed. Report 50 completely supersedes and updates ICRU Report 29 (published in 1978).


Stopping Powers and Ranges for Proton and Alpha Particles, with Data Disk (Report 49D)

Stopping Powers and Ranges for Proton and Alpha Particles, with Data Disk, provides a printed copy of the Report and disks (both 3-1/2" and 5-1/4") containing all of the collision (electronic), nuclear and total stopping powers, csda ranges and detour factors of ICRU Report 49.


Stopping Power and Ranges for Protons and Alpha Particles (Report 49)

ICRU Report No. 49 is another report in the series providing compilations of data important in various aspects of radiation assessment. Stopping powers for electrons and positrons were provided in ICRU Report 37 published in 1984. ICRU Report 49 provides comparable information for protons and alpha particles.


Phantoms and Computational Models in Therapy, Diagnosis and Protection (Report 48)

This Report was prepared in recognition of the fact that the development of realistic body phantoms and computational models is strongly dependent on the availability of comprehensive human anatomical data.


Measurement of Dose Equivalents from External Photon and Electron Radiations (Report 47)

ICRU Report No. 47 is the third report in the series treating determination of dose equivalent. The first two reports of the series, ICRU Report 39, Determination of Dose Equivalents from External Radiation Sources, and ICRU Report 43, Determination of Dose Equivalents from External Radiation Sources - Part II, provided the grounds for the Commission's selection of the quantities and the basis for their definition. more

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