Journal of the ICRU

Since 2001 Reports of the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) are published as the new Journal of the ICRU and are available exclusively from Oxford University Press (OUP). At present, there will be 2 issues of the journal per year. Each issue of the journal will be prepared through the same ICRU committee and task force structure prior to final approval by the Commission for publication. No submitted articles will be included.

Readership: Radiation oncologists, radiotherapists, diagnostic radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, medical physicists, radiation dosimetrists, radiation protection practitioners and scientists in research, industry (including nuclear power) and universities, regulators, radiobiologists, epidemiologists, emergency preparedness engineers, environmentalists and instrument designers.

Information, Orders and Suscriptions: In addition to information on ICRU Reports on this ICRU - Website, there is a complete list of all ICRU reports available from Oxford University Press (OUP) on their website, where you can browse also the contents for all published issues and issues in preparation. Current subscription rates are given in the section on Price Information, including the cost for a two year subscription.

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